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The dictionary definition states that a builder is someone who is in the business of constructing new houses, but in the UK there’s more to being a builder than that. These days, there are many different types of builders in the UK, from odd-job men who can make simple internal repairs to contractors who can plan and build a brand new home.

Before you hire a builder to do a job it is worth knowing exactly what needs to be done because the project will affect the type of builder you recruit. If it is just a small job, such as building a garden wall or making basic internal repairs, then you could probably use the services of an odd job man, who has limited skills in many different areas from plastering to bricklaying.

However, if you are planning to build a new home or need major renovation work carrying out on an existing property, it would be best to contact a building contractors firm, who will have builders specially trained in these areas. If the house you need repairing is an old stone property, you may even need to contact a stonemason to do the necessary work.

Whatever building work you need doing and whichever type of builder you recruit, always check their qualifications because to do a skilled job such as construction takes years of training at college or university. It may also be worth checking whether the builder is a member of a trade association, as this will show their dedication to the job.


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